Why you shouldn’t use a free email address as your business address?

Why You Shouldn’t Use a Free Email Address as Your Business AddressCommunicating via email may be one of your most used means of communication. It is necessary to make sure your integrity surrounds this means of communication and that your email address represents professionalism no matter what. After all, it is for the business.

When people see the email address you are using, depending on whether you have a Gmail or Yahoo address, you may be giving off the impression that you’re not as keen about your business as you ought to be. It is all about creating a certain kind of perception.
When it comes to your business, you must steer clear of anything that labels you as discredits and detracts you from your clean reputation. Free email addresses can fall in this category.

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There are various misperceptions, shared among different groups that can probably come from using an incorrect email address:

The first thing that rings in people’s minds when they see a business with a free email address is illegitimacy. They immediately conclude that your products and services are illegitimate.
When your users see an email address from a free service, they may think you are unwilling to spend more money and consequently, the products and services that your business offers may not be of high quality. How people think of you and your business is important if you expect your business to thrive.
Having a free email account may also make other business owners who are thinking of doing business with you start having second thoughts about getting into a business relationship with you. A simple way to fix this is through registering your business’s URL name so that you can get business Emails. With time you will find that this will open up a huge quantity of fresh business opportunities for you.

Not registering your domain name also gives others the impression that you like to squander your money and that you are also not serious about venturing into business.
This registration is very affordable and if you don’t end up registering yours, people will assume that if you are reluctant to spend so little on something so important, you probably might not be too keen to spend anything on other things important to them and their businesses.
This also creates the notion that your products and services are of poor quality. Why would you want to purchase inferior products and services that aren’t guaranteed to last?

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Using a free email account makes you look like you don’t have any credibility.People may also find themselves always asking whether your business will truly be around in the long term.
You can’t expect your business to be successful if you don’t have any credibility. Please note that you can never have too much credibility. The people with whom you handle business with need to absolutely trust that you will always operate with their best interests at heart.
Credibility and trustworthiness are essential parts of a successful business. If other people believe in your business enough to invest their money, you need to be able to give them the assurance that your business will be around for a long time. Having a legit business address will help them feel a lot more comfortable with you.

Did you know that your business may be susceptible to hackers if you have a free Email account? When you are a victim of hackers, your clients will become victims too.
Remember that regardless of whatever happens to you or your business, your clients’ interests must always be protected. Think about it, it isn’t worth all the trouble using a free email account for your company. Saving a couple of dollars can very well cost you a lot of dollars in other ways.

If you are already using a free email address, you need not despair. You can still fix this and turn the situation around. If you ask me, it is worth spending a little extra to register your domain just so that you can eliminate the perceptions that others have of your company and build it on credibility and trust.

It is critical to bear in mind that nothing in life is free. Not all times will you know what the prices will be when you sign up; nonetheless, you may come across issues that range from deliverability problems to spam to customer support issues.
Relationships are built on compromise. You have to give something to the person offering you something. The relationships you share with your customers should not be short, but memorable ones bound to last a long time.

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