Some stupid – Simple steps to choosing your domain name

Simple steps to choosing your domain nameSettling for a domain name is one of the critical parts of setting up your website. Take note a website cannot begin to run devoid a domain name. This is the reason why I decided to put up this post to disapprove those individuals who always believe that domain names have to be difficult to choose.

Why domain names are important?

The primary reason why there is so much fuss over domain names is the fact that domain names are the first points your audience can reach your brand, your business or your blog.

Domain names are a bigger element of your brand

Studies reveal that the success of your business is directly determined by your first and last name and the same applies to domain names. Even if you choose not to embrace your domain name, some individuals will still start to create some form of biasness towards your domain name. For instance is highly likely to hold some form of negative biasness in the sense that it sounds more of scam program while sounds very legit.
Features of an excellent domain name:

4 features of domain name killers

Property 1: Synonymous with your service

The domain name you are using is synonymous with what you are offering. Some people have avoided this and their domain is still successful. A good example is which does relate to what they offer. However it is always advisable to settle for the obvious.

Property 2: Short

As a rule of thumb, the domain name is often recommended to be short. Long domain names are usually hard to remember. A good example is much more convenient compared to

Property 3: Memorable

Memorable means its spelling should be simple, have a few or none at all special characters so that the person browsing for your site can easily remember.

Property 4: The Domain Name has to be Inline with Your Branding

A good example is the domains for young children like This definitely conveys it is a fun site while sounds more corporate.

Why .com extension and not .Net or .Org?

According to SEO experts, the .com extension is often ranked highly in Google search as compared to any other extension. The main reason for this is the fact that a .com extension is a top level domain and the obvious reason why Google will rank it highly.

However, Matt Cutts (The head of Web Spam Team at Google) refuted these facts. According to him, the reason .com is better is because it is defaulted by most users. He continues to explain the fact that there are a number of domains that do not not have a .com extension and they are doing well on search engines. Some of the few examples include


Using Your First and Last Names?

This is probably one of the most common questions most of us have asked themselves while they were building their first websites or blog. The Obvious response to this is it depends with what you are building.

Why you need to Consider Using your First and Last Names:

There are instances where using your name in your domain makes sense. For instance, if you are planning specialize in coaching, consulting or writing in your particular field. However, take note; your business and you are separate entities. It is therefore advisable that your name should only be used when you want to use your special traits to brand your website and if you are planning to change what you are offering in future. This can be quiet advantages on the sense that in case you decide to have your business take another direction in future, you realize you will not have to change your domain name since it still identifies with you. Remember, once you decide to change the name of the domain, you are likely to lose most of your customers and there is no way you are going to compensate for the lost customer other than start from scratch again.

5 steps in choosing domain name

Step 1: Brain storm

Write down as many words that come into your mind even those that you dislike.

Step 2: Use your Thesaurus

Use your thesaurus to find the synonyms of the word you have chosen. Remember we are going for quantity not quality hence regardless of whether you like the word or not, put it down.

Step 3: Use a Software

The internet has a number of domain name generators that can help you come up with a domain name. One of my favorite domain name generator is Panabee. Enter your list of preferred words and the software will generate a number of ideas for you to choose from. Note down the ones you like. At the bottom of the list you will also realize that Panabee gave you the synonyms of your words.

Step 4: shortlist

After generating the list from the software and the long list you had, it is now time to shortlist. The short listing should be done in regard to the word length; those that are more than 3 words should be eliminated. Align with brand name: those that do not should be eliminated. Spelling: those that are hard to spell should be eliminated.

If you are not sure about this send the name to somebody you trust and ask them what they think then reduce your list to three of the best.

Step 5: Availability

Now you need to check whether the domain name is available. You can check this on different websites that sell domain names like or Goddady’s Domain Search. If you have a hosting service already and are aware of how you can change the domain name servers, then you do not need to get the domain from these sites. What you need is just check their availability.
99 Cent .COM domain name GoDaddy promo codes

Check whether the three favorite domain names are available. Remember we already indicated that a .com extension is not that paramount but if it is available, there is no harm in choosing it. However, take note that a .com extension is usually a premium domain hence expensive compared to the other extensions

The other options available if you do not want to spend so much on a .com extension include:

Eliminating a letter like Pat Flynn’s “

Changing the last words of the domain name like “unsettled” or

Consider “a .net or a .org instead of a .com.”

Once you are done, consider locking down the domain name. If you are yet to find a web hosting company for your website, consider buying the domain through the web host.

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