Social media and search optimization trends that brands should ưatch in 2016


Social Media And Search Optimization Trends That Brands Should Watch In 2016
The first quarter of 2016 is already coming to a close. During the three months, major changes have been recorded as far as SEO and social media optimization are concerned. As such, all brands worth their names have continued to align themselves to these changes accordingly. One of the most important aspects that companies and individuals have put more emphasis on is on protecting domain identity. Besides, a lot of businesses have also been forced to revisit their online marketing efforts. A lot more developments are expected to unfold throughout the remaining part of the year. Some of the key changes expected include

1. More businesses continue to adopt non-corporate approach to content creation

In the past few years, more businesses have come to the realization that the concept of a powerless customer no longer stands. As such, this has meant that consumers now have more voice whereby they can now contribute towards production of content by brands. Most notably, these users take part in interactions on social media platforms where they can interact with brand ambassadors and in return get rewarded.

On the other hand, more companies are inviting celebrities to their social media pages where they can borrow their fans and possibly generate new ones in the process.

2. Domain updates

Today, it’s becoming increasingly vital for businesses to acquire more than just the primary domain name. As such, there’s a need to acquire a few common domain name variations which might be great for search marketing purposes. For you to maximize on the avenues consumers use to reach your business, you might want to adopt a more spider web approach. This might mean acquiring multiple domains for your business especially when you have to use different social media platforms to market different products. With this, you will be in a better position to accommodate more visitors by capturing the fastest most accurate information they could be using to search your business.

A lot of businesses still do not seem to understand the benefits that come with having short, memorable domain names. Others look like they are stuck in the ranking deadpool while trying to claim that highly coveted spot on the first page of SERPs. As such, you might want to check how your website ranks for various targeted keywords using a collection of tools that are readily available online today. This way, you can strategize better regarding key actionable steps to take for better SEO and ultimately higher rankings on SERPs.

Have you ever heard of a domain page suffering downtimes? Perhaps good examples that you can easily relate to here include times when Facebook or Twitter get down for some. This is exactly what happens when a website becomes slow. Some of the factors attributed to such behaviors include poor website optimization, slow interface, or even hosting problems. To solve the latter issue, all you need is to choose a hosting provider with a highly responsive customer support and excellent uptime stats.

3. Ad Blockers Impacting Online Advertising

With the advent of ad blockers, it has become increasingly difficult to run pop-up and sidebar ads on sites. This has made it more important to invest in creating valuable content and building customer relationships.

Besides, a lot of businesses are gradually shifting to more appropriate methods of reaching their consumers. For example, the print industry continues to shift to producing more digital format products while also relying more on subscription-styled services as opposed to producing a high number of print publications.

4. Optimization Techniques Continue to Evolve

Considering that today’s consumer has hundreds of websites to choose from whenever they need to look for any sort of information online, having a laggy or uneven website will certainly be the last thing you’d expect them to tolerate. Currently, over 2 billion users rely on their mobile devices to surf the internet 51 percent of the time. Having a mobile-responsive website will give you an edge over your competitors.

You will also need to understand the common mistakes to avoid when aiming for higher rankings on SERPs. Always consult with the experts who have made it in SEO as they are better placed to offer you relevant knowledge and tools to help you succeed.


Getting success with your online business takes more than just buying a domain name, acquiring the services of a reputed hosting provider, and ultimately launching your website. A lot of hard work and strategies are needed for you to get a chance to occupy that much coveted position on Google’s first page.

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