Some Ways to Get Started With Domaining

Some Ways to Get Started With Domaining
Domainers are the domain name investors who buy and sell different domains. They actually register new domain names first and also buy already existing ones which are undervalued at present. But can be sold again at a higher price. There are thousands of such domain names that are sold every week at different rates starting from $10 to $1,000,000. But before you start your claim as one of the domainers, you must have something that you can sell. Here are some of the ways to start domaining and build your own domain inventory.

#1: Be Creative With Unregistered Domain Names

Domainers register different domain names that are still available as no one else has yet registered. It is quite surprising that you register the available domain names and then make a profit from it. About 130 million .com domain are already registered. And thus it can be quite challenging for you to find a good domain name which is not yet registered. Even, everyday some great domain names are registered. The hand registering domain names can be a long term investment strategy.

So, the tip is to follow the latest trends to look for great opportunities. The new registrations do not cost much and thus you can do your investment on a lot of new ideas. Then see which one hits the most. For an example of hand registration: After Brexit vote when UK voted to leav the EU, someone registered a domain name named They sold it for $1,500 in October. That is almost 150 times more return that in just a few months.

#2: Select Expired Domain Names

Many domain names get expired each day and thus it becomes available for registration again. You can trace the expired domain names through various services. This can be quite helpful for your hand registration. Some of the most reliable and popular services for expired domain names are SnapNames, and NameJet. Each of these services will let you to place an order for the expiring domain name. And the moment the domain name becomes available, they capture it for you.

Prices may vary but you have to pay at least $59 for buying the expired domain via these services. Sometimes more than one individual places order for a particular domain name. If so, then you will have to win it through an auction battle. If you compare the hand registering domain names along with the expired ones, then the expired domain names are more expensive. But expired domain names can be resold faster. Some of the domain names that are expired and you want to buy are registered for more than 20 years. And these domain names are usually much higher in quality.

#3: Opt For The Aftermarket

The last and final way to build your domain name inventory is by buying domain in which the domainers call it aftermarket. This is referred to the process of buying the domain names which are already taken by someone. It is the most expensive way to build your own collection of domain names. But generally it gives you a great return. The easiest way to buy these domain names in aftermarket is by finding out the domain names that are listed for sale. You can find this on sites such as Sedo and Afternic. Mainly these types of domain names are listed with a fixed price. And many of them will ask you submit an offer and then negotiate on the price. You can even contact the owners who have not listed their domain names for sale. See whether or not you can convince them to sell their domain name. This is a great opportunity to flip the domain name quickly for a good profit. You have to be a savvy when it comes to buying through aftermarket. Look for the domain names that are under-priced.

Start Your Domain Inventory Now!

Most of the domainers start their inventory by hand registering domain names. It is an easy and also cheap process. Then after a good response, move to the expired domain names. Once you get success in the expired domain names too and you are quite experienced with this, you can add domain names of aftermarket too. This will provide you with a good return and profit.

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