Startup Domain Trends at CES

Startup Domain Trends at CES
The term “startup” has been spread around with very high frequency over the past few years in the world. The startup has been used to describe young budding entrepreneurs, scrappy young ventures, fresh graduates etc. It has been writer said that a startup is a company which works and whose main motive is to solve the problem where the outcome or solution is not obvious and success is not guaranteed.

Among startups, what are some obvious new trends in this particular domain? To spot some new domain trends attending conferences and trade shows like consumer electronics show is a great way.
Consumer Electronics Show is a Las Vegas conference that magnetises over 150,000 people every year and there is huge startup fight to seek attention among 3,500 companies that tend to show off their latest and greatest products.

In this year we had discovered some domain trends in Consumer Electronics Show. Let’s take a look below
Country Code TLDswe all know that .com has been dominating from before and it is still dominating the 2017 show. But now things have started to change. A lot of startups has started displaying twitchy web addresses, especially taking advantage of the country code top-level domain names.

Below are some top TLD choices spotted during the event:

  • .IO this is a particular domain name which was originally created for British Indian Ocean Territory, it is the best domain present out there. .IO is hit because it has the catch of a popular computing term which stands for input/output. But now this domain has taken on a life of its own.
  • .CO this domain is very popular among the tech-related companies. If you carefully notice .CO is just one letter off from .com but there are lots of more options available and far better option available in this TLD than for .com. This particular section stands for Colombia, yet few in the startup world think about the nation when they see .co. Rather, they think tech startup.
  • .US yes, you are absolutely right. The US stands for the United States, but as a TLD many prizes it for its unique play on words, standing for the US. As a result of many companies purposely uses .US domain to do something with the US. There is definitely a twist. Not everyone can use .US domain. Unlike other domains listed here.US TLD can only be used by people and companies who stays in the United States. Their presence has to be there.
  • .Al this is the new domain and there are a lot to talk about this. Many companies who have registered with Artificial Intelligence has not fully caught on yet. So everyone is looking forward to appearing in the future.
  • Other Domain Trends at CES Two-letter country code domains were not only the domains which were getting hit and popular with companies at CES. There were few companies and people who had started using the new TLDs which came out in 2014. I saw one company, in particular, using a domain name .solution. There were few new TLDs that worked well for startups which include .software, .world and .digital.

Do you want to have fun?

Have you seen new patterns in this particular section? Do you have a thought for where the startup world is heading, and what sorts of names (or TLDs) may be the following hot territory for area registrations? On the other hand, perhaps it’s simply time to eat up the domain for your new business.

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