All You Need To Know About Domain Names

A domain name is a coordinated label connected to a specific IP from to distinguish it from other IP addresses. Domain names are part of URLs to ascertain precise web pages. Take an example of a URL newcoupon is the domain name. A domain… Read More

Keeping Your Domain Name Safe

Have you ever thought of the relationship between the rectitude of your brand’s presence online and your domain name? If you haven’t then it’s not late, we can walk together to help you discover. If you ever did, then I can guess your answer was… Read More

Five Top New TLDs for 2017

Hundreds of new top level domain names (TLDs) have been released over the past few years, leading to over 27 million domains registered. Some of these TLDs have millions of domains registered while others have tens of thousands registered. What’s important about each new TLD… Read More