Redirect GoDaddy Webmail to Gmail

GoDaddy’s Web mail service has the standard features you expect from most email service providers. However, it is not as feature-rich or intuitive as the Gmail email service. As a result, you may prefer to keep using Gmail as your main email provider even though… Read More

How to access GoDaddy email?

How to Have Access for GoDaddy Email ? Godaddy’s workspace webmail email server can be accessed through GoDaddy mobile app, mobile browser or the desktop browser. This webmail service provides you the facility for checking email accounts that are associated with different domain names which… Read More

How to set up GoDaddy email on droid?

In today’s world, most people opt for Android phones, such as the “Motorola Droid,” which they could also use in accessing their email, specifically with their Gmail accounts. Though, are you also aware that Android phones also have a ‘vanilla email client?’ This feature allows… Read More