Understanding the different types of SSL Certificates

Understanding The Different Types of SSL CertificatesWhen signing up for a web hosting account, one of the key considerations to make entails looking for reliable SSL Certificates. The purpose of these certificates is to help you securely sell your items online. So, if you’re aiming to set up a web store that accepts credit cards, these are the certificates to facilitate the security of such cards.
Without them in place, your users’ sensitive data could end up getting into the wrong hands due to a lack of information encryption. Having a valid certification and the right implementation cycle will, therefore, help you enjoy peace of mind when operating any eCommerce platform.

There are several types of SSL Certificates available for selection today. For this reason, it is also important for you to consider various key factors when choosing the best one for your needs.

1. EV Extended Validation

This is a very strict authentication certification that checks for elements beyond SSL Certificates in both the OV and DV arena. With this, you can easily identify legal entities that manage a particular website while still being able to create encrypted communications. These certifications therefore help your customers avoid fraud and identity theft. The EV Extended Validation Certifications are vital especially where credit cards are involved due to their ability to control fraud cases.

2. OV Organizational Validation

The main role of OV Organizational Validation Certifications is to examine various online databases and elements. As such, the certifications help you examine a company’s name and domain name to give you an overall picture of their validity. This is important in protecting you from online attacks, and thus vital in giving you the much-needed peace of mind.

3. DV Domain Validation

This is arguably one of the most popular SSL Certificates you will find on the market today. The certificate is especially popular among email domain owners, helping them check for fraud URL and cases of database spoofing. As such, it helps you know whether any email sent to you is indeed sent from the specified sender. It, therefore, helps you easily examine each email URL to thwart any instance of scamming. So, while most SSL Certifications help in protecting online transactions, the DV Domain Validation is specifically used in protecting URL (domain name).

In a nutshell, these certifications help to reduce cases of phishing, protect online users from cases of identity theft and even assist police and investigation bodies capture hackers. For these reasons, it is worth considering using these certifications for your online business.

The Cost of Using SSL Certifications

One thing you’ll need to understand as far as SSL Certifications are concerned is that they cost more than the standard web hosting solutions. While subscribing to your preferred web hosting service is an important step towards setting up an online store, having a SSL Certification service will be crucial in helping you safeguard the online protection of your consumer’s information. The price of a SSL Certifications varies from one hosting provider to another.
However, you may note that the cost of the DV version is relatively lower compared to the other versions discussed earlier in this post. For the best performance, however, it is important for you to go for the EV Extended Validation Certification that guarantees you maximum protection from hacking and other online vices such as phishing and more.

What’s the Implication of Not Using SSL Certificates for your Online Business?

This is a question that’s most likely ringing in your mind right now. So, can you just set up your online store without necessarily using any form of SSL Certificates at all? Are the certificates really important to your online business?

Well, the answer to this intriguing question is a resounding “Yes”. While it may be an easy decision not to use these certificates for your business at first, you will certainly have a rough time selling your goods and services. For one, you’ll want to maintain high levels of privacy for all your consumer’s information that passes through the site. This could include information regarding your customer’s personal details or even their credit card details.
With these reasons, you only have a few options left other than purchasing one of the SSL Certificates for your online store. Simply put, it will be extremely difficult for anyone, including your customers and investors, to gain full trust in your business if you do not invest in these certificates.

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