The error message GoDaddy need to know

The error message GoDaddy need to knowThe checkout process at GoDaddy can be a bit hard for a person just starting out. There are some error messages that you might come in contact with once you start using the service. You need to know how to react, respond and overcome these error messages so as to make your transactions quicker and easier. All the messages you can expect are discussed briefly in this article. Get your notebook ready and read on.

When you get the first error message, don’t panic. The first thing to do is to check the comments. They say that you can learn a lot from a satisfied/unsatisfied consumer. What you are looking for is this: you want to check if anyone paid for this coupon before.
No success? When it reads ‘no success‘, this means the coupon was probably deleted by GoDaddy

1. Error: Your coupon cannot be used in the particular country you are in or anything related to card information

This problem is common among most people, especially if you are from Thailand. GoDaddy coupons are not accessible in some countries (these are mostly coupons as low as $0.99, $1.99 and $2.95). Also, the problem persists when you find that a certain form of payment is not acceptable in your particular region. For example, the Visa card from Thailand is unavailable.
The error messages you’ll see on your screen hint that your mode of payment is not acceptable or that you have entered wrong information relating to your form of payment.
Your coupon cannot be used
If you want, you can use the coupon I have mentioned on this blog. I assure you I have thoroughly checked it manually and it ensures payment in Thailand. Those of you who already use a coupon on your blog which shows you error messages all too frequently, simply get rid of the domain gone domain and add + to fill your coupon code. This can be done as many times as you need to on your GoDaddy coupon.

You’re not done yet. You need to acquaint yourself with the common card problems, which may include one or two of the following:

  • Problems with online transactions. Online card payments are not usually a guarantee. Some banks ‘forget’ or fail to default enable online transactions. Contact your bank and ask them if they allow online transactions.
  • Do you have an account balance or not? Don’t count your minimum balance because this I what is needed to maintain your account and cannot be used.
  • Card information is not correct. Maybe you misspelled your first name, entered a wrong digit in your card number or messed up your CVV. Check again.

Finally, if you think you have covered all of the issues highlighted above and still get an error message, consider that you are using a banned card. If you wish, leave a comment below the article and introduce your coupon. I will help you check.

2. Error in the GoDaddy coupon cache

You qualified for multiple money-saving offers! This one usually gives you a lot of messages telling you how you have qualified for offers and are the lucky person getting to access low prices.
Error in the GoDaddy coupon cache
The problem is caused by the GoDaddy coupon cache. There is an easy way to solve this! Just get rid of the domain or hosting you are using and try and use your coupon again.
Fair warning: you may need to perform this task several times. If you want to save some time, just choose to make your domain private and then keep personal info right above the error message that disappeared and domain discount.
Protect your personal information

3. Error message: Don’t use this coupon or issues to do with payment

This problem arises when you add any coupon payment you have and it still keeps on failing even when the domain extension is available. The reason behind this is that you are accessing GoDaddy through a specific intermediary link with attachments available causing the coupon not to be used in Thailand.
Luckily, the problem can be easily solved. You will need to enter one coupon harrow in the given empty box. Have your promo code ready to delete and add the coupon where relevant.
Finally, if you follow these steps and still experience problems, get rid of the coupon and find something else worth your time and energy 😀

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