A complete guide to choosing the most appropriate WordPress hosting service

the most appropriate WordPress hosting serviceChoosing the most appropriate WordPress hosting provider for your site can be one of the hardest decisions you can make especially if you’re just starting out. Fortunately for you, we have come up with a short yet comprehensive guide that will help make it easier for you to a decide. As such, we’ve listed four main types of hosting which will be explained in this manual. Besides, we’ve outlined some of the best providers in the industry as well as a few things you need to know about WordPress.

FAQ#1: Do I need to purchase a hosting service from the same company I bought a domain name?

Answer: A domain name comes directed almost by default to the company that sells it. Since it is simply a web address, it can be channeled to any other web hosting service. The company that sells you a domain name is often the best placed to advice on specific instructions. This is because different companies differ in operations.

Step #1: Finding a reliable hosting provider

To the newbies, one of the greatest challenges lies is identifying a trustworthy WordPress hosting company. Many companies are in the business to make money from new users who do not know much about WordPress and hosting. As such, it is vital to know the difference between a genuine and a phony hosting company.

But do not worry as we are here to guide you. From our vast experience coupled with the consensus around the WordPress community, we can point you to the most appropriate web host provider for which to go. As such, be sure that any of the provider mentioned in this guide meets the standards of a credible WordPress host. The WordPress hosting providers mentioned below will also give you the provision to customize your services with ease. For example, you will be able to upgrade the specs of your servers should your business grow.
You can rest assured, when you settle for any of the listed hosts, that you are in the hands of one of the most honest WordPress hosting companies today.

FAQ#2: How much will I pay for WordPress hosting?

Answer: Just like anything else, hosting services can cost anything from zero to thousands of dollars on a monthly basis. Some are even free but will, in most cases, do it in exchange for an advertising space for various products or services. The average hosting service will cost you between $5-10 per month. It may be advisable to pay slightly more than the minimum and have your site hosted by a company that will go the extra mile and handle your business with the level of care you’d fancy.

Step 2. Dedicated, VPS, Shared, or Managed Hosting?

The first question you will most likely encounter when going to signing-up for hosting will be which one among these do you want; Virtual Private Server (VPS), shared, dedicated, or managed hosting. What exactly do they mean?

Managed Hosting

This new concept that has been made popular by WPEngine – the leaders in the WordPress hosting world. With this hosting package, all the hassle of dealing with technical details are taken away from you. As such, most of the features like back-ups, security, automatic updates and restoration in case your system is hacked will be handled by the hosting company. At the same time, the company also provides you with highly optimized server configurations as well as sophisticated features such as built-in caching and unlimited scalability albeit at an extra cost. The websites that use managed hosting range from small enterprises, blogs with significant traffic, to online magazines that attract really huge traffic

FAQ#3: Does the location of the hosting server matter?

Answer: The speed at which your website will load on your clients or target audience computers will largely be determined by the distance between your server and their computers. Therefore, if your target is limited to a particular demographic location, for instance, the UK, then you may want to consider the location of your hosting company’s servers.

On the other hand, if you’re eyeing the global audience, then the choice of the host should be based on quality. Companies like WPEngine and SiteGround offer their client the choice to have their sites hosted in various locations like the Europe, Asia or US.

Step 3: Signing up and how to build a WordPress website.

At this point, if you are confident and feel that you are ready to launch, then go ahead and learn the WordPress ins and outs. It is vital as to know what exactly you are getting into.

Pro tip: Take advantage of free trials:

Most companies allow you, as a potential client, to test their services for a certain period without paying while others have a money back guarantee provision. This, however, comes with a validity period for a number of days. Once the days are over, you have an option of subscribing to the services or you are automatically unsubscribed from the free service.

In case you want to change the hosting company of an existing website, set up a new WordPress site with each provider on a trial basis. Once you have settled for the most favorable company, you can transfer the files and commit to the company of choice.


In the beginning, deciding on the provider to host your new website can be quite confusing, given that there are numerous companies offering the same service. Besides, some of the terminologies may be complex to fathom thereby making it harder for a beginner to make a choice.
All in all, the most crucial thing to look out for in a hosting company is a responsive support. If you still find it hard to start, you can identify a host or two and test the responsiveness of their support teams. This gives you a perfect opportunity to compare various companies that are in the market and offering the web hosting services. Put them to task by asking them all the questions you may have regarding their services.
This will help you gauge their services and help you decide what to settle for while at the same time testing their services. With an extensive search and weighing various available options, there’s a high chance that you will not be disappointed in the end.

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