Thesis or Genesis is the best for website

thesis-&-genesisThesis and Genesis are two most popular WordPress themes these days. Many website owners want to use these themes for their websites. There are many benefits that people can get from these WordPress themes. They are very SEO friendly, so they can be used to support any SEO campaigns. Thesis theme is created by the DIY group, while the Genesis theme is made by the StudioPress company. Both of them are premium WordPress themes that people can buy today. These themes have a lot of features that are useful for all users. Keep reading this article to compare both themes easily.

What is New From Thesis and Genesis?

is a new version from this theme. There are some new features and capability that are added to this template. It has a lot of new features, for example boxes, skin, and many other site tools. Thesis skin is a child theme from this framework. Genesis Framework is updated by the StudioPress frequently. The latest version of Genesis framework has a lot of features and benefits for all users. Therefore, many people are interested with the Genesis 2.0 for their websites. People can find a lot of child themes for this framework. Most of them have quick loading speed and responsive template.

Theme Setting
Both themes may offer a lot of options for all users. People can use several setting options for both themes, including post excerpt, SEO details, indexing method, grid post, custom page template, and many other options. Thesis theme has more options than the Genesis theme. However, the latest Thesis 2.0 can be difficult for some beginner users.

When people are looking for the friendly themes, they can take a look at the Genesis framework. This theme is very friendly for all users. Many beginners are able to setup this theme easily without any hassles. It is not difficult to control and setup everything in Genesis theme.

Theme Customization
Both themes have great customization feature. They offer some options to manage the CSS features for all users. Both themes offer support for all users, so they can start customizing their websites. However, some beginner users feel that the Genesis framework can be customized easier than the Thesis framework. It is possible for all users to customize the Genesis framework with all available child themes. When people want to learn more about this theme customization, they can simply visit the official site from both frameworks.

Theme Price
There are 3 pricing structures of the Thesis framework.When people want to try this theme, they can go with the basic plan. This basic plan is offered at $87. There are two other plans that are offered by DIY group. They are Basic Plus and Professional. The Basic Plus is offered at $164. while the Professional plan is offered at $197. When people want to get all benefits from this framework, they should choose the professional plan. This plan includes unlimited domains, lifetime updates, lifetime membership, lifetime email support, and many other benefits.
thesis themes plans

Price can be another important thing that people have to take a look today. This is an essential thing for all beginners who care about their starting cost. Both themes are considered as premium WordPress themes. Therefore, people need to spend some money for purchasing these templates. When people are looking for the affordable theme, they should take a look at the Genesis framework. This framework is available for about $59.95 for the lifetime license. There is no additional fee that people have to pay for using this framework. This framework can be used on unlimited websites. Most child themes for Genesis are sold for about $50 – $60 for the lifetime license

Get Genesis Framework
genesis framework price
When choosing the best framework, people should consider this price as an important factor. However, people need to take a look at some other factors, for example features, updates, support, and some other details. Price can be an important thing for most website owners. However, this is not the only thing that people should consider. Most beginners are usually happy with the affordable price for the Genesis framework. This theme is cheaper than the Thesis framework. However, Genesis has less features and options than the Thesis framework. People need to compare all features from both themes before choosing the best one for themselves.

Thesis or Genesis
Nowadays, many people want to choose the best theme for their WordPress sites. They usually want to use the Thesis or Genesis framework. Both products are specially optimized for search engine. Therefore, they are suitable for all users who work with the SEO campaign. These themes are perfect for improving the site’s performance on the search engine. As all people know, the site’s template plays an important role in today’s SEO. Both themes are updated regularly to fulfill all users’ needs. They are updated regularly to meet the requirements from the search engines and their updates.

Both companies offer support for all customers. People can contact their support team via email, telephone, or chat. They also have their own forums. It is recommended for all members to join the official forum from Thesis or Genesis. In this forum, people can find other users who are using the same themes for their websites. Genesis theme is suitable for all beginner users who want to improve their site’s performance. It has a lot of easy-to-use features that are very user friendly. Some developers love using the Thesis framework because it has a lot of features and options for all website owners.

Choosing the right WordPress theme is very important for all website owners. After people buy one of these frameworks, they also need to find the child themes or skins for their websites. When they buy the Genesis, they should take a look at some available child themes. Thesis framework also offers a lot of skins that are available for all users. These additional themes are required by all website owners who want to optimize their websites properly. There are a lot of people who are satisfied with Genesis and Thesis frameworks. People can see a lot of good reviews about both WordPress themes on the Internet today.

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