Tips for renew your domain name

Is it necessary to renew your Domain Name?

Renew your domain name
Renew domain name

One can purchase a registration of a domain name for only one or two years at a time. This is because many people would want to try and see if the domain name can enable them to make money or if it is going to work well for their project. This is why after the initial registration period is over, you will have to renew your domain names.

If you own either a website or a blog or the two of them, every time the domain name expires, you need to renew them. You will always be given a 90 day, a 30 day and a 15 day notice reminding you that you need to renew and note that renewing it is more expensive than it was when you first bought it.

Owning a domain name is like owning a real estate because you have to pay taxes every now and then the only difference with this is the fact that you do it online. The domain name should always be updated or otherwise someone else snatch will and purchase it. Incase this happens, everything that you have done there including the traffic, backlinks among other things that drive people to it will definitely be lost (i.e. will belong to the new owner).

Tips of renewing a domain names

Tips of renewing a domain namesFind a renewal coupon code
When you get the 90 day notice, start looking for a coupon code that you will use when the renewal time is up. This will ensure that you have enough time to get the correct coupon and thus save money because you are not rushing.

It is possible to sometimes find a coupon code when renewing a domain name and this definitely save money. Other times, there is a flat renewal fee for the coupon code that you can use which may also save you some money.

Renew on time

The longer time you take to renew your domain name after the time elapses, the higher the amount of money you will have to pay to get it back. This will be very expensive because you will not be able to use a coupon code hence you may even end up paying twice the amount you would have paid if you had done it on time.

Renew for more than on e year

If you have a domain name that needs renewal, renew it for more than one year especially if it is doing well. This will not only save you money but the longer you have it, the better it will get in the search engines.

Other important points to note:

It is advisable to renew your domain name even if you are no longer going to use it because you can always sell it for a higher price. You can check a few sites to help you sell it together with your website(if you have one). Some of these sites include; Warrior Forum, eBay, or the Digital Points forum. If you have any traffic, you will definitely be able to sell it at a much higher price.

When selling a domain name that has been renewed, it is advisable to include the renewal in the package. Inform the potential buyer of the next renewal date and you can either sell him/her the hosting account that the domain name uses or charge him/her so that the domain is transferred to his/her hosting account.

Selling a domain name that you do not use is great because you can use that money to expand your other domain or you can even use it for anything else. It is just like selling a business building that you haven’t fully developed or that has not been doing well and this is also a good reason to renew your domain name.

What may necessitate the transfer of a domain name?

There are many reasons that may necessitate the transfer of a domain name and they include:

  • Selling it so that you get the money to use for another website
  • You could be selling all your domain names because you are retiring
  • Some legal reasons may necessitate the transfer
  • If you are switching hosts and is necessary to transfer to a new hosting company.

Selling the Domain

Transferring a domain to a new owner is not free. Transferring it is not hard but it is advisable to consult your domain registrar and your current hosting company to ensure that everything is correctly done. You may need help doing this therefore simply pay them some fee and they will a good job for you.

The legal reason that may necessitate transferring a domain name is for instance if you registered it and was not aware that it would infringe on copyright or a trademark. A lawyer may advise you to transfer it to the company you infringed upon.

As mentioned above, switching hosts is one of the reasons that may necessitate transferring a domain name. This is especially if you are switching to a new hosting company. Doing this is not hard and you may have to pay some fee and either your current hosting company or the new one will do the job for you.

5 steps of transferring a domain

Transfer Domain Name
Transfer Domain

1) Where is it being transferred to?
This is the first step to take when transferring a domain name. Purchasing or transferring a domain name using IXT Design costs $7 only and you will as well get a full year of registration.

2) Login to your account
When using IXT Design, simply log in to your account then go to a section called ‘Domains’. Here, select a section called ‘Transfer Domains to IXT Design’ and then follow the instructions. If using a different registra the steps are similar to when using IXT Design.

3) Choose the domain and pay
Next, type the domain name into the box and then select go forward with the transaction’. If the domain name you have typed is available for transfer, proceed to the checkout area, pay for the transfer and you will get the codes needed for the transaction to be completed.

4) Enter the transfer codes
Go to the current place that is hosted, enter the transfer codes (that you got in step 3) and you will be set. Go to the domain management area of the current registrar to complete the transaction.

5) The Alternative step
Incase you have sold the domain name to another person; you may need to use the alternative step when transferring the domain name to them. Simply get the information you need from them so as to access their registrar or let them give you the transfer codes if they have completed the initial steps.

Other important points to note when transferring a domain name:
Sometimes, all the above steps are not necessary when doing a domain name transfer. This is if you and the person you are transferring it to use the same registrar. In this case, simply log into your domain management control panel, then to the manage domains and then click on change accounts. After this, enter the new owner’s information and finally click on change accounts.

Transfer can also be more difficult sometimes and may have more than 5 steps especially if you are transferring to Google or is using a company like that. It is advisable to contact the support of the company you are transferring to for support.

To save time you may hire someone to complete the process for you (if you have money) especially if you have no idea of how to do it.

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