Top 10 tips for developing a killer website

Your website defines you as well as your business. As a result, every business wants a functional and a unique website that will expose and attract visitors to buy their products and services. In the past, it required a designer to create a website. However, nowadays you can create a website on your own due to the wide availability of tools of developing a killer website.
To your advantage, you can easily access these tools. It’s worth noting that, creating a functional, well designed and a streamlined website requires time and effort thanks to the toughness required to achieve a balance. If you want to come up with a great and a spectacular website, you need to consider the following tips:
Top 10 tips for developing a killer website

1. Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design
In the past, people logged to their websites using only their desktops. However, today, people use a wide array of cheap devices like tablets and smartphones. Having a responsive web design gives an improved optimal performance while using multiple devices. To make it easier, you can use the same URL for any devices and not separate URL for different devices. This is advantageous as you can work on promoting one URL and still cover a large audience.

A number of hosting companies may also offer website builders that are very useful while developing the responsive websites. For instance, it’s worth trying GoDaddy while creating your next website. Apart from providing you with great hosting packages, they offer web builders that possess advanced features. To avoid high costs, you can obtain a GoDaddy promo code by couponal. Developing a responsive website using GoDaddy is incredibly easy.

2. Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration

More importantly, don’t despise the rising power of the social media today. You should consider using Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter as well as other social networks to advertise your products. Due to their high search engines, you can actively interact with your customers on them.This way, you can create their confidence on you.
Additionally, you can buy YouTube views in the case of video marketing. This results in an expanded audience. In addition to that, you will learn other great methods to increase your following.

3. Choose a color theme and stick to it

Choose a color theme and stick to it

The logo of your business has a color or complementary colors, right? You should use the colors on your website. If you are on the first step, you can choose not more than three colors and ensure that you stick with them.
As opposed to a school project where you need a color theme for every page, here you need a few chosen colors. For a professional and a sophisticated look, choose stylish colors like white, grey or red. In case you may be confused, take a minute and have a look at various website to discover even more appealing colors. Choose the best color them for more attraction.

4. Opt for templates

In case you have difficulty in choosing the websites that you like, templates are a good option. In every website design software that you came across, you will have countless templates or pre-set designs. In fact, a number of these websites offer well-designed templates that you can access at zero cost.

5. Content is King

Content is KingA classic website is free of any clutter, clean and professional, right? However, this is not everything. What you write on the website determines the number of visitors on the website or website traffic. The content in your website determines the ranking of the website on the search engine rankings. Filler and less unique content make the website weak as it results to a low ranking of the website in the search engine.
Resultantly, less or no customers will come across it. Quality content that is well promoted through the correct means will gain your website a lot of traffic and raise your search engine rankings. You should also use relevant keywords to lure the audience and create popularity.

6. Consider the background

Is the background easy to read on? Poor background colors keep visitors off the website. Like for instance, using a yellow writing on a white colored background or black writing on a blue colored background is wrong. Good background colors should reflect the font colors. For the websites that are frequently visited, use burgundy and blue for those that are less visited.

7. External links are crucial

Setting your external links in a way that they can be opened in a new window or tab is an added advantage. Don’t you want the customers to remain on the website? Opening the links on a new tab or window will ensure that they will back to your website making them pay much attention to it.

8. Search Feature and site map

Search Feature and site mapDoes your website contain more than 10 pages? Great, this is for you. A website that has more than 10 pages should have a sitemap or a search feature. This makes it incredibly simple for visitors to find the thing they want in a flash a second. You should make it as easy as possible to retain them.

9. An easy navigation system as possible

One of the most vital issues to put into consideration while designing a website is the navigation system. Visitors want a navigation system that is easy to search and find what they want. A complex navigation system will keep them off. Avoid using unpopular navigation system but instead, you should stick to the well-known type of navigation system. The most common navigation system has a navigation bar on top or the left side of the website. Consider placing another navigation bar at the bottom for easy searches.

10. Avoid too much special effects

A few special effects are just fine for jazzing and decorating the website. However, too much of anything is poisonous. Changing logos or even moving images will only distract your visitors from the real thing. Some will pay attention to the graphics and forget the content while others will get bored and close the page. In addition to that, too much luggage on your website makes the page slower to open. As a result, most users will be impatient and try opening another web page that may help them.

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