Top 4 branding trends to watch In 2016

Top 4 branding trends to watch In 2016
Over the past several years, branding has grown to become one of the most important aspects of any business, and that trend isn’t slowing down in 2016 either. Indeed, Forbes projects that branding is set to become even more significant this year with it going mobile.
Additionally, it is also projected that user generated content will grow more in value. Social is predicted to become the new internet while ever-green content, tutorials, and how-to articles will grow in importance as users strive to search for better answers to solve their problems. With more people turning to semantic web search queries, it means that webmasters need to optimize all their content, whether that is images, videos, texts, and audio based on user behavior. Besides, transparency will form the foundation of CRM systems which another reason for brands to invest in all the aspects outlined above.

So, what are some of the key branding trends should we be looking forward to in 2016? Here are some of our highlights.

1. Brands to own readership

For your business to have a chance of succeeding in the new world, your brand will need to own its readership. This will mean putting into consideration what your readers want and thus providing them exactly that. There’s is this old adage that goes “always under promise but then over deliver”. Ensure that you’ve stuck with it as having happy customers will mean good business for you. This is because these satisfied consumers tend to spread the word about your excellent brand thereby bringing you more customers.

2. Brands Targeting a More Diverse Audience

As more brands come to a realization that they are losing it by placing much of their focus on the Gen Y and the Millennials, the new shift is geared towards targeting both the old and young which offers more diversity in terms of audience.

3. Brands Now Placing More Focus on Product Development (And Not Just Services)

It’s been found that business models that are based on service provision have a better chance of lasting longer. However, it has now been established that product development will give brands more exposure in 2016. This is because developing a product is regarded to offer better solutions to problems compared to service provision. It’s recommended that brands combine the two, though, to increase their chances of succeeding.

4. Branding and Domain Name

There has existed an endless debate on whether having a corporate website still matters or not although we’d not want to indulge into that for today. However, one thing still stands- that a domain name still matters as far as branding is concerned. Besides, having a great website is critical to enhancing user experience which significantly counts in matters branding. Talking of domains, there is still a huge section of users that still look for their information majorly on the branded domain names they trust.


Websites still retain their position as the go-to places where users gather their information. On the other hand, the social media is still the most consulted in matters of CRM. Additionally, FAQs, documents, and articles posted on branded websites are considered to be excellent resources for people looking for more information. All these shows just how important it is to match your branding and domain name when building your online presence. You can then strive to create a community around that.

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