Top 6 most secure domain name extensions for your business

Top 6 Most Secure Domain Name Extensions For Your BusinessAre you looking for secure domains that will relieve you the burden of worrying over your own personal details or those of your business being mishandled? Well, we have some great news for you today. There are several new categories of domains that will assist you achieve this easily. These domains demand a lot from users during registration while are also subjected to constant audits, which makes them extra safe for people serious about their businesses or brands. So, if you’ve been facing security challenges with your .com domain, this is your opportunity to get a more secure domain and forget about the hassles.

The Six Top Secure Domain Names

We will list for you the top most safe domain names that you can use depending on the nature of your business. Before then though, we’ll look at some of the key reasons why it matters to adopt this change.

Why It Matters To Have The Safe Domains

As earlier mentioned, the process of getting these domains can be quite vigorous as registrants are required to show their authenticity as well as produce all the supporting documents needed. The good thing about the whole thing is that you no longer have to worry about getting bothered by spam emails or fraudsters as such are controlled.

So, Is It Worth Acquiring These Safe Domains?

Absolutely. What you are looking for is the safety and authorization that these domains come with which is good for your business as consumers see you as more credible. Well, the domain might be a little more expensive than the average domains but it’s all worth it.

  • .BANK

If you run a credit union, bank, or any validated financial institution, the .BANK could be your perfect domain extension to purchase. However, your application will need to go through a 30-step security requirement control. The process is quite rigorous while you will also have to acquire enhanced security protocols such as SSL certificates that have been acquired from licensed Certificate authorities. With a .BANK domain extension, your business information will not be accessible to the public unlike the case of .com.

  • .LAW and .ABOGADO

This domain name is set aside for accredited lawyers who’ve been authorized to operate at the capacity by relevant legal services regulators. ABOGADO is the Spanish name for a lawyer.

  • .SECURITY and .PROTECTION Extensions

If you’re looking to acquire any of these domain extensions, you will need to have a TLS certificate from a licensed certificate authority. The purpose of this certification is to help defend the confidentiality and rectitude of any communicated data. Besides, you will have to acquire an Extended Validation Certificate if your website deals with financial information such as credit cards or bank accounts. Your website will also be monitored on a regular basis for compliance checks purposes.

  • .SWISS

This domain name extension is only available for organizations in the public sector or Swiss institutions that are registered under the public law. Others allowed to register a domain name with this extension include corporations or unnatural persons that have been registered in the respected Swiss Commercial Register or those with a registered office in Switzerland. Before acquiring the domain, you will be subjected to a compulsory 20-day public evaluation.


All these domains are significantly more secure than the normal domains and it’s the reason why more banks, lawyers, and any other serious business have gradually been shifting to using them. The requirements might be a little higher but they are worth it in the end.

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