Top Managed WordPress Hosting Providers To Consider In 2016

Top Managed WordPress Hosting Providers To Consider In 2016
When thinking of web hosting, it is paramount to take into consideration the particular needs that you want to address. Having an idea of what your need will help you choose a web hosting plan that has specific features and tools to cater to your requirements. WordPress is a web software that you can easily use to create a website, a blog, or apps. For you to smoothly manage WordPress, you might require a specialized service where all the technical aspects are managed from the hosting provider’s end. Some of the aspects that the host take cares of include; backing up of data on a daily basis, running updates, ensuring that performance as at its peak, taking care of uptime, and ensuring that the security is at its best.

Managed WordPress Hosting just as the name suggests is a specialized WordPress hosting service that meets your needs when looking for a web hosting plan. It helps you concentrate on other key areas such as churning content for your blog while leaving the mechanical/technical part to the specialists. Thankfully, most hosting providers offer very affordable rates for this package and therefore, if you are looking to host your WordPress website, Managed WordPress might just be the ideal solution for you.

This post outlines some of the best host providers when it comes to offering managed WordPress hosting packages. Some even allow you to save up to 80% off the hosting charges.

1. Media Temple Managed Word Press Hosting

Media Temple WordPress hosting has really improved over the years. The new revamped version of March 2015 is much faster and comes with three different hosting plans that fit your pocket. The plans are the Agency Plan where you can host over 50 sites for a very competitive fee. The other plan is referred to as Personal Plan which is quite affordable and finally the Studio plan that allows you up to host ten sites for a a very competitive rate.

The new Media Temple WordPress hosting is on a clustered server technology (like Grid). This means that you can carry out your routine maintenance without affecting uptime. The company performs automatic updates and back-ups take place daily.

The plan also comes with a 30-day money guarantee.

2. DreamHost Managed Word Press Hosting

At DreamHost, you can save up to 40% off when buying a managed WordPress hosting package using our discount coupon. The new improved hosting services at DreamHost are faster and more powerful. The DreamPress 2, which DreamHost use to power the service, is a very fast application that significantly enhances speeds comes with several features such as Solid State Drivers (SSDs), PHP 5.5, and optional Hip Hop Virtual Machine that ensures your site never experiencing downtimes and constant errors.

It comes with an easy to-use-user interface which means anyone with or without IT knowledge can easily use it. The support system at DreamHost is top notch and will typically answer your questions within a few hours.

3. iPage Best Managed WordPress Hosting

With iPage WordPress hosting, you can quickly build your professional website additional without professional help. The managed WordPress hosting service at iPage is very user-friendly and with customer support 24/7. Therefore, if you are unable to perform a particular task, you can always reach the support team via chat or call. The Starter Pack is currently offering a 74% discount which will certainly save you a lot of money. The iPage managed WordPress hosting services are also very fast.

4. GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting

GoDaddy managed WordPress hosting is one of the cheapest on the market because for as low as $1 per month, you can have your GoDaddy link activated. Their services are very fast and offers very tight security. Using our promo code here, you can purchase GoDaddy’s managed WordPress hosting for $1 a month and access services such as free daily backups, free themes, software updates, etc.

5. Hostgator Managed WordPress Hosting

Hostgator managed WordPress hosting is ideal for those that are looking for pre-installed WordPress templates. The WordPress hosting provider also makes migration to their services quite accessible and free. Their security checks are top notch which comes with security updates around the clock. Therefore, infiltration of malware into your system is almost impossible. Their hosting services are user-friendly with easy-to-follow steps when one wants to install it. The HostGator have a 24-hour support team.

6. Namecheap Best Managed WordPress Hosting

Namecheap’s friendly support team can be reached 24 hours a day via live chat, telephone, and e-mail. They are incredibly affordable, offering the cheapest managed WordPress hosting services on the market. NameCheap charges $0.99 per month for its WordPress hosting services. Their clients include both corporates and individuals. The company serves millions of customers all over the world.

7. Fatcow Managed WordPress Hosting

Fatcow offers its managed WordPress hosting services at much discounted rates. Their clients are mostly medium and small scale businesses. They have a promotional price for those using their services for the first time but upon becoming a regular customer the price goes back to the standard rates.

Fatcow not only offers knowledgeable support staff but also WordPress experts that are always on standby, ready to assist in case there are any technical issues with their services.

8. BlueHost Managed WordPress Hosting

BlueHost Managed WordPress hosting uses systems like NGINX and PHP-FPM to ensure that their managed WordPress hosted sites load faster. Their hosting plan is simple to use, very secure, and offers very advanced features.

BlueHost managed WordPress hosting services offers easy-to-use themes that are also attractive, plugins, and ready-to-use scripts to help you create beautiful websites.

9. 1 and1 Best Managed WordPress Hosting.

$0.99/mo. for 12 months, then $6.99/mo on WordPress Hosting

Get Basic WordPress Hosting plan for just $0.99/month for the first 12 months. Later you will be charged at $6.99/month. No Coupon needed to avail this offer. Limited Time Offer.

1 and 1 WordPress hosting services performance is one of the best in the current market. The managed WordPress hosting services go for as little as $0.99 per month. Their services are such that you get unlimited bandwidth and free domain names for every website. Customer support staff at 1and1 are also very supportive.

10. Interserver WordPress Hosting

Interserver WordPress hosting services are very secure and reliable. The service offers storage space of up to 25 GB and an easy-to-use control panel that offers you all the solutions you need at a click of a button. You can save up to 50% off your first managed WordPress hosting using our promo code here.

11. IX WebHosting WordPress Plan

IX Webhosting Plan comes with a discount of 25% on purchase of the product. The company’s managed WordPress hosting service offers unlimited storage space and different packages to suit different WordPress users’ needs.

How To Use These Promo Codes?

Step 1: Click on the link or the promo code of the service you want and you will be taken to the website homepage

Step 2: Select the Web Hosting Plan of your choice from the menu on the front page.

Step 3: The next thing is to register a domain name or you can use an existing domain name.

Step 4: When you land on the shopping cart, you will see that the promo code have been applied. You will notice it by the reduction in the price. The promo codes are embedded in the link.

Step 5: If you clicked on the promo code with a name then you will need to enter it on the space for redeem promo code. You will see the reduction in the price of your order after clicking redeem promo code.

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