Transfer a domain from MyDomain to GoDaddy

It is a well known fact that many people, especially large business organizations need to manage a large number of domains of various websites of their organization. Some people find it difficult to administer domains that are registered with various hosts. To make the administration of the domains simple, it is good to transfer the domains to a single host server by using a single email id to further make the administration easy.
Presently, a number of people who have bought their domain in wish to transfer their domain to But, they fail to do so for they have no knowledge on hoe to transfer a domain from to

In case you have bought a domain from and also your other domains are in it is good to transfer all your domains to a single domain in to make the process of administration of domains easy. This can be done if the domain is not transferred or purchased to in the past two months.
You can use the links in the mails sent by the admins of to initiate the transfer to You must request for a transfer at and also authorize the same.
Transfer A Domain From MyDomain To GoDaddy
Here are few simple steps to be followed to transfer a domain from to

Initiating the Transfer in

Step 1
mydomainLog in to your registered account and also go to the control panel. Double click on the domain which you wish to transfer to and have a look at its settings.

Step 2
In the security tab, choose Unlock Domain option if the domain is locked at present. Choose the Disable Domain Privacy option to ensure that the privacy of the domain is not enabled.

Step 3
Select Contact and also choose Administrative in the selection box of contact information. Check if all the administrative contact information is right as if a third party has an access to the email account, he can easily provide approval for the transfer. Change the email address if necessary.

Step 4
Select he transfer option to view the Transfer tab. Choose Send Auth-Info Code to receive an authorization code to proceed with the transferring of domain.

Step 5
Receive the authorization code by logging in to the email account that is used for administrating the domain. To authorize the transfer click on the link mentioned in the email.

Log in to the administrative contact’s email account, retrieve the authorization code and also click the link in the email to authorize the transfer.

Authorizing the Transfer in

The following steps have to be followed to request for a receive of transfer of domain from to

Step 1
godaddyLog in to your account in In the menu tab, select All Products and also Domains and then Transfer Domain. In the form, fill the details such as the name of the domain you wish to transfer, choose the extension and also click on the Go button.

Step 2
Click on the Proceed to Checkout button and also select Continue two times to skip the GoDaddy offers page. Choose the Existing Nameservers option if your domain is pointed ti a host site and you are not interested in the site going down often during the transfer. Choose the Change ..To Park NameServers to start using the GoDaddy DNS Servers.

Step 3
To make sure that every information provided by you is correct, check the shopping cart to review the information. Read the Universal Terms of Service Agreement Domain Registration Agreement by following the links provided in the page. Once you have read the Terms and Conditions, Check the box to provide an acknowledgement for the acceptance of the terms and conditions. Then select the Place your Order button.

Step 4
Again log in to the email id that is registered for administrative purposes with You would have received a mail from containing the transaction ID as well as security code to complete the transfer. Click on the link provided in the mail to provide an authorization for the transfer of your domain.

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