Types of SEO web hosting services

Introduction to SEO Web Hosting
Types of SEO Web Hosting ServicesSEO web hosting helps in improving the optimization of a website to increase its traffic and sales by using traditional and non-traditional methods. Some of the companies providing this service offer SEO friendly services and multiple C-Class IPs along with content creation services.

In fact, only building an attractive website is not sufficient to increase its traffic and sales unless you make people know its existence on the search engines to increase their visit. SEO hasting makes it possible for a website through its efforts.

Multiple IPs
Creating an online marketing campaign that can help a extend the approach to multiple IPs, websites, Class Cs, DNS and domain names is a brand new method of SEO. They adopted this method as currently the ranking of a website can be improved on search engines if it has links from related websites situated on multiple IPs and Class Cs, pointing on it. The website owner can create links between his sites with multiple IPs for many sites without being found out by search engines.

Mostly SEO hosting service providers offer competitive packages for each website or domain with multiple C-Class IP addresses. Branded name servers on separate Class C IP addresses are also provided by some companies to allow the owners to host more than one site on the same server without being recognised by search engine bots.

Other SEO services
Few hours for SEO consulting and account hosting services are also offered along with all the web development and SEO aspects and tools by some SEO hosting services, depending on the same company you contact with.

Best guide to choose SEO website hosting service
Finding the best SEO web hosting service should be the first thing to consider while developing and marketing a website as it is the basic thing for the success of a website. Tips provided here under can help you in this regard.

Tip no.1: Defining basic things about web hosting terminologies

Three SEO web hosting services

  • Shared hosting
    It allows various sites to share a sever for hosting their websites. Though it is economical but offers restricted features, resources and space to its clients as its IP address is also shared with others.
  • Dedicated web hosting
    It allows website owner to use a whole server physically without sharing it with others. Speed, flexibility and control are its main benefits.
  • Virtual private server hosting
    It allows you to use a physical server split into various virtual servers. It allows you to use the virtual server independently at lower cat then dedicated server. But sharing of same IP address with other sites is its main disadvantage.

General terminologies of SEO web hosting

  • Disk space
    The amount of data one can store on the server is his disk space. You must know the disk space provided by your service provider while planning to host your simple website or blog.
  • Bandwidth
    The sum of data transfer used by you through your visitors in a month is known as bandwidth. It displays the shift of traffic from internet to the server and vice versa. You may need more bandwidth if you expect more traffic.
  • Control panel
    It is offered by the hosting services to allow you configure the domains and settings of the server.
  • Operating system
    Most of the SEO hosting services use Windows and Linux as operating systems due to their low cost and user friendly open source scripts and applications.

Specific terminologies for SEO web hosting

  • Server location
    It is used by Google for ranking a site for local and general search. You will have to use hosting service if you want your local website to be searched by location.
  • Uptime
    The percentage of time taken by a server to start running is its uptime. Google will not rank your website if its uptime is low.
  • IP address
    You can identify the location of your server on internet through this code. In shared and VPS hosting IP address is shared by other users of the server whereas dedicated hosting offers exclusive IP address.

Avoidable terms while choosing hosting package

  • Search-Engine visibility
    Hosting services make no additional efforts in this regard.
  • Free web developers
    They may not be SEO friendly and flexible to use.

Tip no. 2: Search for reviews and feedback of hosting services

You can read the reviews of the users of web hosting services to get feedback about them. Fake feedback is not possible these days due to increasing influence of social media and public forums.
Careful issues

  • Feedback for client support
    Your service provider should be reliable to resolve the issues of speed and availability of its services to its clients.
  • Frequent security issues
    Incorrectly managed hosting service can create security issues for your website and damage you reputation as it can easily be attacked by the hackers.

Important search tools

  • Forum search
    The frequent forums of many site owners allow you to share experience and ask question to get latest information. They allow you to find the overall number of posts, people taking part in discussion or number of snippets scanned across server while searching online.
  • Combo of Sentiment Analysis and Social-media search
    It allows you to avoid time consuming process of getting feedback by scanning all the social networking sites.
  • Twitter
    You can get huge database of the reviews of recent clients of Twitter on the basis of the name of your hosting service.

My suggestions
Through this unbiased review it is suggested that shared hosting is a popular and cheapest service especially for the beginners who expect limited number of visitors for their blogs or pages online. But they may not be actually useful as most of them do not provide services and storage space as promised by them. Dedicated and VPS hosting can be good for those who are serious about their online business and website. VPS hosting is preferable as it provides all the benefits of dedicated hosting at lower cost.
Today Knownhost and Bluehost are considered as the best VPS SEO web hosting services.

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