Use url forwarding to enhance your social media user experience

Use url forwarding to enhance your social media user experience
Today, everyone seems to be having an account with one of the numerous social media platforms. In fact, people no longer rely on Facebook alone as there is a wide variety of platforms to choose from today where users can share their photos, videos, or even post long-form updates regarding their life.

However, do you ever yearn to find a better way to ask people to find you on social media platforms? For example, would you love to come up with a better way to tell your friends to find you on either Facebook or Instagram perhaps? Well, we would like to introduce you to five new domain hacks that will assist make it easier to connect with your friends and fans on various social platforms today.

What is URL Forwarding?

URL forwarding is a technique used to help you create simple, customized URLs that help you redirect to anywhere on the internet. When URL forwarding is applied to social media, you can easily be traced by your visitors or fans without them having to search for your username or even take the often harrowing route of filtering through the results.

As such, we’ve listed for you several unique domain extensions that will effectively help you redirect any URL to your social profiles.

1. .SOCIAL For Twitter

With this service, all you need is to register an account with after which you can forward it to your Twitter profile. However, you can use the .SOCIAL service to forward your visitors to any of the social media platforms today considering that this is quite an expansive domain.

2. .NEWS for Facebook

Oftentimes, we use Facebook to share updates regarding our lives. For this reason, you may consider using the domain to encourage your followers and fans to visit your personal or business page on the platform. .NEWS is arguably one of the most popular new domains today and is recommended due to its versatility and availability.

3. .LIVE for Periscope

Why you deed to acquire a .LIVE domain for your streaming channel

If you operate a Periscope, Twitch, or Meerkat account, then you may want to consider acquiring a domain to make it easy for your fans to access your live streams.

4. .VIDEO for YouTube

Want your YouTube videos and channel record more views and subscriptions respectively? Then consider getting a .VIDEO domain that will help link to your main profile. Besides, it also helps to make visitor navigation easier which is great for your brand growth. You can also use the .VIDEO domain to link to Vimeo platform or any other that deals with video.

5. .ROCKS for Instagram

With Instagram now more accessible even via PCs, it is recommended that you make it easy for your followers to access you through URL forwarding. As such, consider acquiring a or even domains and point it to your business or personal Instagram accounts. However, you can still use .ROCKS to link your business to your followers on any other social platform today.

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