To Use WWW Or To Not Use WWW?

To Use WWW Or To Not Use WWW

After spending some time and after having chosen the right domain, you could still be in some bit of confusion. You might wonder whether your URL should begin with the normal WWW or something else. Choosing something else or going along with WWW has its own advantages and unique features. WWW is always more popular as far as web users are concerned. They also could make your URL look formal, disciplined and more official.

However, a website without WWW makes it easier for people to type and retrieve. To choose between the two you must know what WWW is and what benefits it can offer.

WWW – What It Is?

WWW as most of us known stands for worldwide web. It is the name of the host given to your domain. It means that a particular hosting service is being used as far as a specific computer network is concerned. In other words www means the web services for that particular domain name.

Why Choose WWW?

As far as small websites are concerned there are no major advantages of using WWW in place of non-WWW. The type you choose at this stage does not actually make a big difference and it best could be left to your personal needs and preferences. However, once your website become popular and once the site is reasonably well established things start changing. When traffic starts increasing moving over to WWW could be a better option.

DNS Control

There are a many domain servers which require the website URL to have WWW. This is required for updating the domain name server. It will ensure that the server on which your site is hosted will work properly and prevent crashing of your site. It also will give you better access and help you to control your files better. When you choose WWW you will also be able to directly integrate the website pages and the folders and connect it to the website. This makes is convenient for your web technician to easily make changes using the folders.

WWW also permits better traffic control to your website. Though it is possible to do it with a non-WWW site, it is complex and also is time consuming. In fine there is no doubt that people in generate are used to WWW. However, if you wish to look the other way as far as technical advantages are concerned, even then you can expect to get more traffic using www sites.


Those you have only static content and that too in a subdomain page, you need to have a separate domain as far as that single page is concerned. This happens when you do not have a WWW URL. Hence having WWW and making it a part of the domain name, makes it easy for you to keep one URL for the total website and also maintain the required subdomain structure and that too within the domain name.

The Final Word

In fine if you are starting a new website, having a WWW url or non-WWW URL does not make any difference in the short term. However, once your website starts attracting traffic you must try and move to a WWW URL because of the obvious benefits, many of which have been explained above.

It has been proven time and again that having a www domain is always better because of obvious reasons. It allows easy access to files and when it is about implementing cookies on subdomains where you have static content. It will make it easier for users and they will naturally find it familiar.

Whenever there is a need to move from non-www to www you must ensure that there are a few things to keep in mind. All the pages of the website need to be changed. This will bring in more consistency and will make your site to look much more professional and consumers also will find it very attractive. It will go a long way in bringing in more traffic when they search for information.

Further when you move from one to another domain to another you must also ensure that you take care of the 301 redirects which could take place from the old to the new domain. This will go a long way in ensuring that you get the best of accurate analytics, traffic numbers and rankings.
Hence it will naturally play a big role in increasing traffic which is so very important at the end of the day.

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