Various types of web hosting services

In today’s data based world it has become easy to know about using various web hosting options essentially needed to host your websites on your online resources. But while choosing the best web hosting option for this purpose one must know about the basic features of all the options. You must scrutinize and compare the features and prices of these options to find the best and most effective solution for you.

Free Hosting

Free HostingVarious hosting service providers offer hosting service to the individual internet users free of charge. Though these hosting services can host blogs and personal websites effectively but they usually lack in hosting the websites that attract heavy traffic of internet surfers. While it can be beneficial for one to host websites without spending his hard earned money but before any decision in this regard he must consider following drawbacks of free hosting services.

Drawbacks of free hosting services

Do not provide any domain name
Irritating ads has to be displayed on your site to compensate the cost of web hosting services
Restrictions are imposed while expanding or moving your files
Limitations on adding software
Lack of database and security essentially required for operating various software tools particularly while blogging
Lack of any technical support

Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting
Shared hosting is one of the popular hosting solutions used these days. In this service a single server is shared by different clients to host their websites. It is normally used by individuals and businesses using Linux operating system. You can also use Windows with some of the service providers at additional cost.

Benefits of shared hosting

– Scalable web hosting option as it can be upgraded by the clients as per their needs after starting with lower plans
– Being shared by many clients it is one of the reasonably priced web hosting services as some of the service providers offer discounts to the customers offering annual payments in advance.
– They offer the facility of free emails and domain names along with add-on programs essentially needed to optimize a website with their hosting packages
– Adequate technical support to the clients

Drawbacks of shared hosting

– Introduces security risk to some extent as single server is shared by a number of clients
– Increases the chances of uncontrolled growth of hosting environment due to the use of shared resources especially with the heavy increase of website traffic. You may need to move to some other hosting service or upgrade the package in this condition.
– There is great risk of slowing down or crawling of the shared server due to heavy traffic on any website. In this condition clients sharing that server will have to struggle hard to host their website.
– Restricted file types and programming languages are supported by the packages of shared hosting services.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated HostingIt is one of the most popular hosting services which allow large businesses to host website with enormous data. The service provider offers complete autonomy to its clients for operating a particular server and its resources without any restriction about the number of domains to be used and the type of program to be installed by the clients.

Benefits of dedicated hosting

– Enables the clients to access most powerful hosting solution offered by the service provider to make them capable to deal with heavy operations used by large companies

– Clients can use its resources as they want as they have complete control on the server.

Drawbacks of dedicated hosting

– Technical knowledge to some extent is required to control dedicated server especially while customising it for a particular reason have to part with considerable amount of their hard earned money

Virtual Private Server

Virtual Private ServerThis web hosting service is the hybridized mixture of dedicated and shared hosting services both. In VPS the clients have complete control over the assigned resources of the server which they share with other users. It enables them only to make some sort of configurations available with dedicated hosting as they have limited control on it.

Benefits of virtual private server

– Performance of VPS is many times better than shared hosting

– Powerful than both shared and dedicated hosting

– Highly affordable hosting solution

– Clients are empowered to customize the assigned resources impressively

– You need not worry about slowing down of the server being mixture of shared and dedicated server.

– You may receive the reserved amount of processing RAM and power

– Clients have the ability to use dedicated mail sever as well as customised firewall along with controlling the security of their website completely

Drawbacks of VPS

– It is more expensive than shared hosting but cheaper than dedicated hosting

Reseller hosting

Reseller hostingThis hosting service allows companies and individuals to use the resources of parent hosting while offering their services for hosting websites like you sign up with a hosting services of the company. They can sell these resources to third party instead of using assigned resources for hosting websites. This hosting service is normally used by low level hosts.

Benefits of reseller hosting

– Offers profitable opportunity for business

– Least maintenance required

– Adds value to existing business

Drawbacks of reseller hosting

– Very little control on hosting resources

– Limited technical support and services offered.

– You can do nothing if some problem in parent hosting server occurs.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud HostingThis web hosting option allows its users to use host of connected servers instead of a single virtual or physical server to receive hosting services. Though several complaints about security issues and lack of control over data have been noticed so far but still it is known for its easy accessibility and reliability.

Benefits of cloud hosting

– Drastic reduction in hosting cost

– Seamlessly scalable hosting service

– Simplified and levelled hosting service

Drawbacks of cloud hosting

– Very inflexible hosting service

– Several issues regarding the availability and privacy of hosting server

WordPress Hosting

WordPress HostingPeople having websites and blogs on can use this hosting service. The hosts at WordPress promise that the blogs and websites powered by WordPress can use this well managed hosting service along with their advanced servers and team of technicians to meet up their needs.

Benefits of WordPress hosting

– Offers very reliable technical support

– Assured privacy and security

– Loads websites and blogs faster

– Mastering WordPress does not need much time

– Receive latest updates on WordPress

Drawbacks of WordPress hosting

– Much expensive

– Lack of control over server

– Needs considerable knowledge of WordPress

– Have to pay extra at the time of peak traffic hours

* It is essential that you scrutinize hosting companies carefully, especially the services they provide, before making any major decisions that might affect your site’s operations. Sometimes all the options on offer tend to look the same but, often, differences in performance will emerge.

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