DigitalOcean the best VPS hosting for newbies

DigitalOceanIf you are looking for cheap VPS hosting, may be to host a bunch of files, run a 24/7 remote computer or run a mine craft server, you will actually do well to begin with the Digital Ocean ( To add on that also, if in case you are not sure on what the difference between cheap VPS hosting and a shared hosting, then you don’t have to worry since we have the answers for you.

If all you want is a cheap server in order to run any word press blog, it will be better off with any of these unique webhosting services. Whenever you find that shared hosting is limited for you, then you have to consider using the VPS. Normally, Digital Ocean makes your transition to be easy. Their own hosting services are cheap, robust, fast and more so well dedicated to a strong customer service.
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First impressions
digitalocean newbie dashboard
I have dabbled with some few different types of VPS hosts over the last few years and to be honest, I must comment that none of those other known hosts have been seen to be as quick or in other case easy as the Digital Ocean. Also, in less than five minutes, I had actually completed the server and I was ready to play with. As far s I am concern, I will not be switching the hosts for a long period of time.

Digital Ocean is considered to be a perfect VPS kind of host especially for those who have no idea on how to use VPS. Whenever you register with the Digital Ocean, you have to know that you are not signing up just for a single server, in fact you can decide to create one or even more servers known as droplets under your own account. In that case, each and every droplet can be easily configured according to location, operating system, size and more. Usually, the configuration determines the actual cost.

With most of the hosting services, the upfront payment is normally paid in exchange of an account that usually stays active for a certain period of time, but with Digital Ocean, you can load up your own account with as few (or many) credits as you wish and the funds are billed basing on your droplet usage.

Hosting details
digitalocean hosting comparison
If you decide to go with any cheapest droplet, then it will have to cost you not more than equivalent of just one coffee per every month. For the case of basic users, the common cheapest droplet is more than enough. You have to remember how Digital Ocean normally operates on the basis of pay-as-you-go. If in case your droplet runs more than 672 hours in a specified month, then you will have to get the extra hours just for free.
The cheapest droplet is $0.015 per hour (or $5 per month) which offers:

  • 512MB RAM
  • 1 Core Processor
  • 20GB SSD Disk Space
  • 1TB Bandwidth

digitalocean snapshots backups

  • It has multiple locations.
  •  It has a huge knowledge base.
  •  It has a multiple payment options.

In conclusion, if it actually sounds like I am gushing concerning Digital Ocean, it is simply because I am. To be honest, I have never known before that VPS host is cheap, flexible, newbie-friendly and powerful. If you want to try cheap VPS hosting, the best option for you is Digital Ocean and be rest assured that you will be satisfied fully.

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