Vultr Promo Code – Save 60% on Bare Metal, Get $100 FREE Credit

Vultr is one of the best high-performance SSD Cloud providers in the world. It provides VPS hosting plans start from only $2.5/month with 512MB RAM, 20GB SSD and 500MB Bandwith. Besides, to help customers try its amazing services, Vultr always gives some gift codes which help to grab up to $103 for free.

Vultr offerring high performance SSD cloud servers available in 14 cities worldwide. Our Vultr coupon codes help you get up to free $103 in vultr credit when you sign up a new account.
Vultr Promo Code – Save 60% on Bare Metal, Get $100 FREE Credit

1. Match Dollar For Dollar Up To $100

For one who has never met Vultr before, make a new account here and credit your account right away, that amount will be doubled, up to $100.

ActivatedClick Button Below To Go To The Promo Page

– Vultr will match your first deposit dollar for dollar, up to $100, when you open a new account. Cannot be combined with any other offers, new customers only.

    How to use the Vultr coupon?

  • Get the coupon code from this post.
  • Visit
  • Pick a hosting plan that suits you the most.
  • Fill in all the data, go to checkout preview.
  • Enter the coupon code from step 1.
  • Success! You now have successfully applied the coupon.

  • How to use the Vultr promo?

  • They are link-activated, so just go to via the promo links and follow the instructions.
  • Promotional credit will expire 12 months after issuance.
  • This promotion is available for a limited time
  • New customers only.

Update: From September 2018, All coupons that will helps you get free $20, $40, $50… in credit at Vultr will be Ended. Only the deal to get double deposit is currently active.

2. Follow And Tweet About Vultr On Twitter To Grab $3 In Credit

Go to Vultr’s Twitter Promotion Page, click to verify your Twitter, follow @Vultr, tweet about Vultr and get $3 more free credit.
Follow and tweet about Vultr on Twitter to grab $3 in credit

This 3 dollars free credit is the different one which can be used in conjunction with one of the 3 other promotions above. In total, you can get up to $103 for free to try Vultr.

3. Special Discount For Existing Customers

Vultr is giving a special 20% discount for its existing customers on all Vultr’s Compute Plans. Please log into your account via this link then click Deloy button to receive your promotion.
Special discount for existing customers

4. Free 50GB Block Storage For Trial

Besides, the provider is also offering a free trial program of 50GB Block Storage for all of its customers, applied for New York location only.
Free 50GB Block Storage for Trial

How To Use Vultr Promo Code?

1. Go to Vultr Vps site, then click to Pricing at the top menu.
2. Choose Vps plan you want, then create new account (or login old account)
3. On Account Manager page, click to Billing in the top menu.
4. On the Billing page, choose Credit Card tab (as default), fill your credit card information, then paste Vultr coupon you has copied to Redeem Gift Codes and Coupons box, then click Apply, then click the Link To Card button at the bottom of page.
5. After add free credit success, you switch to Deploy tab and choose things you want for your VPS, after that click Place Order button. You’re finished.

Vultr – Are the SSD based VPS Servers Good?

VULTR promo codeVultr is an American VPS hosting company who was came to market in the year 2014.The hosting provider offers VPS service for plenty of countries and regions like United States, Britain, Japan, Germany, France etc.

Their servers and data centers are KVM based.The hosting provider claims that they can give the best network all over the world and you can also enjoy quick loading speed and low latency communications solution at any place.

To create a described analysis and check out whether it is true or not, we product this review from certain necessary aspects to assist readers select a interested service like its features, price, technical support and loading speed.

Rate and packages

There are six packages offered by vultr and you can select to pay the billing, monthly or hourly basis according to your convenience . If you purchase the service on a monthly basis, you want to pay five dollars, seven dollars, thirty five dollars and one hundred twenty five dollars monthly.

The initial two packages are actually cost effective and lot of people can be able to afford them when the last two are s costly that they are not highly famous among small scale businesses. Moreover, there is an essential point you want to consider about. The cost of landwidth varies from regions.Japan, Germany, France etc.

Overage is rated at 0.02 dollars GB in North America, 0.02 dollars GB in Europe, 0.10 dollars GB in Australia and 0.05 dollars GB in Tokyo. Additionally, the VPS hosing service is charged based up on the hours availed and five dollars is the least monthly payment. Regarding payment methods, Vultr hosing service provider supports credit card and PayPal also.

Vultr Plan Pricing Compare

Users can create a cloud server in 60 seconds at four continents. Vultr pricing plans start at only $5 per month for 1 CPU,768MB of RAM, 15GB SSD and 1TB Transfer. Featuring a 99.99% Uptime SLA, Vultr has 12 datacenters located in Japan, Amsterdam, London, France and more.

Plan 1
768MB Memory
15GB Storage
1000GB Transfer
Plan 2
1024MB Memory
20GB Storage
2000GB Transfer
Plan 3
2048MB Memory
40GB Storage
3000GB Transfer
Plan 4
4096MB Memory
65GB Storage
4000GB Transfer
Plan 5
8192MB Memory
120GB Storage
5000GB Transfer


From this, it is easy to find that the highly costly plans contain lot of space and monthly bandwidth. Moreover, the company has hundred percent SSD storage along with low latency network. The control panel can carry control of client’s virtual equipment straight from the committed consumer portal. Lot of features is available with one click like reboot, restart, reimage, reinstall and more.

But though the service provider’s packages are highly cost effective, plenty of required tools are not added such as PHP. Hence on one hand you want to place PHP by yourself, but on the other side the skilled developers can complete these works. The hosting service may be perfect for developers and technicians while it is not a good choice for business.


PerformanceWith large number of data centers situated in Europe, North America and Asia/ pacific, this hosting company adapts hundred percent Intel CPU’s at 3NGz+. With these the servers can maintain a smooth performance and make sure fast speed. The service provider claims to give regional private network on single account basis for every client account.

Even if the vultr guarantees to give best service and quick loading speed, the results is not highly satisfactory. Based up on the response from the clients, the server reaction need a long time and always gets troubled while they are operating the machine.

Customer support

SupportWhen you think about technical support, the hosting company indeed does not perform a good work because they only offers email is not efficient and time wasting agreement ways and when emergency occurs, these support methods can perform nothing.Lack of live communication and phone call are negative aspects of vultr hosting client service because the two ways cannot assist solve problems immediately but raises the trust level from people.
So for this point, the hosting service provider does not present an interesting image for readers. Since its establishment, the hosting company is aimed on offering mixed cloud hosting items and services to consumers all over the world.

But till today, it is not so popular as it is expected. Certain webmasters heat about this hosting service but some of them contain good understanding about the service.To satisfy the requirements of certain webmasters, we create the review carefully by gathering plenty of actual user comments and finding for the certain hidden details certain people may neglect. Thinking that vultr contains a confusing plan setting and offers three kinds of plans such as multi core plans, SSD cloud server plans and SATA storage plans, we choose the SSD cloud plans to show the hosting company. The company is specialized in cloud VPS hosting.

Now it establishes six ssd plans that have various features. The hosting service provider provides two payments options like yearly and monthly payment. In fact, the pricing level is ok but is costly than the normal level in the field. The hourly plans are best for certain webmasters who simply need to check to get a try on hosting company, clients want to pay additional money for extra services and features or the customers cannot be able to run websites and servers successfully. Possibly the technical support is not satisfactory, clients are given with two methods to receive assistance like ticket system and knowledge base. The knowledge base has some asked questions and most of the questions are regarding the kind of its goods and services.

Hence it is a hard task to get solutions of certain expert and technical issues. The ticket system is terrible, till today the status bar is blank, only few clients are using this support.


From the analysis, this hosting service is not outstanding company in spite of the information that it can satisfy certain normal needs of consumers to certain level. So, we contain certain good VPS suggestions due to their cheap rate, quick loading speed, professional consumer support service, rich features.

After checking out each and every aspect, it is not a good attempt for most of the consumers. This hosting service is not budget friendly and contains only limited features. Additionally, the operation is hardly satisfactory. Dreadful technical support is a potential problem; hence we choose to suggest other trustworthy hosting firms in the market.
There are large numbers of best hosting companies available in the market, so read the reviews of those services before you decide to choose the one.

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