What is a super premium domain name?

What is a super premium domain nameMike Mann talked again on Facebook about his new crowd appraisal system that he is rolling out soon.

Here is what he said:

What is a Super Premium Domain Name? One that appraises over $10,000, by taking the average appraisal of 3 long time top expert domain dealers at once. It’s too complex and spreads too great to do it any other way and still be accurate. Our new crowd appraisal system rolling out soon will help discover true domain industry market values for everyone.

Domain appraisals are someone’s opinion based on available data: are you going to trust a bot to create a price? A corporate executive, lawyer or accountant in a suit? A domain broker who would sell his sister for a nickel? Someone trying to pump up their stock price and bonuses? Or disinterested third party professionals who have done the most real world transactions?

He also talked about premium .com domains and how the bid/ask spread is huge:

The bid:ask spread is huuuge in the super premium .Com domain trading space, which helps make the investment very risky, expensive and time consuming; however it also leaves enormous margins to arbitrage for potentially enormous future profits. It’s too hard for others to compete, and there is still considerable room for innovation in tech and marketing and helping the public discover the true long term value of this special asset class. Super premium .Com domains are incredibly profitable long term investments if handled properly; they have little relationship to the hundreds of millions of crappy domains for sale in the world, at totally random not professionally appraised prices, in poorly organized marketplaces.

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