Here Are 7 Key Questions To Ask When Hiring a Web Developer

When Hiring a Web Developer
Once you register a domain name and have a hosting account with a reliable service provider, then it’s the time to start planning to set up your website. Most providers have the needed tools and support to help you, but not all have what it takes to do a professional job. As such, in this article, we’ll help you choose the right expert by providing you a few tips on the making the process much smoother.

Below are some of the key questions you need to ask so as to help you evaluate the professional’s expertise and know their capabilities.

What Are Your Charges And Billing Style?

You must begin by finding out how much the entire project will cost. You might not benefit much if the rates are charged per hour given that you are not sure how long the website will take to complete. Although the hourly rates may look tempting and exceptionally low, the professional might take much longer time compared to one charging expensively for the same project. In short, when you are negotiating cost matters with your prospective developer, go for solid rates. A professional developer must give accurate estimates of both cost and timelines once they have assessed the scope of work without compromising on the quality of the website.

Do You Outsource the Work or complete it Yourself?

Hire a developer who will complete the task without outsourcing for more help; it sounds cost-efficient and cheaper right? However, these are characteristics of inexperienced developers who don’t consider the amount of work that goes into the process including creating logos, copywriting and designs among others.
The truth is only a handful of people can manage this process without the input of other professions. Experts in the field allow for teamwork and outsource the work to individuals with expertise in a given area for a comprehensive and quality website.

What is Your Role in the Development Process?

In this field, there are developers and designers both who play a particular role. The roles of designers include beautifying the website and add colors as well as themes that appeal to the client or guest. They know how to make the user have a smooth experience and consider how the guest will benefit from the landing page, call to action, and eventually buy the product. Developers, on the other hand, deal with functionality and coding.
They do coding for various browsers, mobile users, and ensure efficient popup features function as they should. Their work is to ensure everything works and remains perfect throughout the website’s lifeline. Therefore, when looking for someone to make your site, make sure they give you a plan on how to deliver high-quality results. They must include any other professional who might be required in the process.

How Will We Work Together?

Collaboration is about communication and accountability. Professionals know the importance of using project management software and an efficient work system. Software like Smartsheet or Asana are effective in keeping track of the project and ensure the client is in the know. An expert in the field will give you such tasks like reviewing of designs or copyright; they set deadlines to ensure a smooth flow of work and accountability from both the client and the professional.
Therefore, as you interview your prospective website creators, assess the nature of the process first. Consider if they have a time when they update you on what is going on so that you can ask questions, give your inputs, and raise your concerns. Also, look at the time frame of their feedback process as this will make a huge difference in ensuring the success of the website.

Describe How You Achieve Your Targets/Deadlines?

If the developer has an efficient project management system, they must know the progress of the website and the objectives set for all the people involved in the process.Look for individuals who have a good system in place to achieve results within the expected time frames. Some of them only wait until they receive instructions from you top proceed which is a waste of time. Without realistic targets, accountability and transparency is lost along the way.

In Case I Need To Make Some Updates, What is the Procedure?

The developer will hand you the website once it is ready and you have a right to make any amendments. You should make frequent updates to the content to make it relevant; hence using simple software like WordPress will help. However, you also need training on how to execute the changes you want to the site.
Moreover, you must ensure your plugins and software are up to date with every new release. Ask for guidance on how the process works and find out if the developer will show you how to execute the modifications. Find out if the professional provides maintenance schedules or they can recommend someone else to help you out.

Who Controls The Hosting and Domain Name?

Your website is a personal property which you must protect at all cost. Therefore, register your domain name and acquire your personal hosting account different from the individual developing the site.
The developer can build your site on their server, but they must transfer it to your own hosting service once the site is complete and ready go live. They should not hold on to your passwords or infringe on your website without your permission.

Making a Decision from the Point of Knowledge

If you have answers to all these critical questions, then you are ready to make a decision on who will create your site.

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