Why are GoDaddy renewal coupons invalid?

Why are GoDaddy renewal coupons invalid?For the past few weeks now, we’ve noted an anomaly – renewal coupons often offered by GoDaddy are no longer available. So, what could be the problem?
Here, we strongly believe that GoDaddy Discount Domain Club (DDC) could be behind the whole issue. This is the club responsible for providing special discounted renewal prices for which we now assume have halted the service. So, finding a renewal coupon on the site might prove a little difficult for you, at least for now.

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godaddy renewal invalid

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So, what has changed?

Before this change took place, GoDaddy offered two types of coupons – one for domain registrations and another for renewals. As it stands, the coupons for domain renewal are currently not available on their site.

Typically, DDC coupons apply when one is registering a domain, making domain transfers, renewing old domains, and even when paying pre-registration fees for new domains.
For registration, the discount is still on with coupons for 44% (normal discount) and 30% (current biggest discount) still available for use on the site.
However, the service that caters for the renewal coupons seems like it was pulled down which is what worries us at the moment.

Let’s see the discount of GoDaddy Discount Domain Club (DDC).
GoDaddy Discount Domain Club

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So, what next?

Let’s face it, GoDaddy domain renewal prices can be relatively high for most webmasters especially if the registrar decides to do away with its renewal coupons. If for sure this will be the case going forward, then we’d recommend that you transfer your domain to a cheaper registrar. This is because keeping up with the high GoDaddy prices may not be a wise move for anyone working on a tight budget.

For example, not many webmasters will be ready to cough $14.99 per month to pay for their .COM extension domain at GoDaddy. And considering that some registrars such as NameCheap ($10.69 per month) and Name.com ($10.99) can still offer equally great services, why not initiate the transfer process? Lucky for you, you will only be required to pay just $8.25 to complete .COM domain transfer from GoDaddy to a registrar such as Name.com.

However, if you’re dealing with ten or more domains, you can still consider using GoDaddy just to take advantage of the 30% discount they offer for bulk purchases. If so, consider using our coupon listed below to save big on your next purchase.

What are your thoughts?

After presenting our analyses and the latest news regarding the GoDaddy domain renewal coupon service, we’ll leave it up to you to decide on your way forward.
The best thing about it is that there’s still a lot of options for you out there, so making your next move shouldn’t be difficult for you. You can leave us a comment or message to share your thoughts with us regarding this move by GoDaddy.

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