Why Do I Need a Website?

Why Do I Need a Website
Steve Jobs was the kind of a person who believed in asking questions. At times the questions might have looked rudimentary but he believed in questioning every small thing which was happening around him. He knew that whether it was engineers or accountants each one had a different way about doing things and did ask questions of them.
When I first started running my own business, I too wanted to know the answer to the question as to why my business needed a website. I decided to follow the footsteps of Steve Jobs and wanted to get some fundamental answers with regard to fundamental questions pertaining to websites.

Why A Website Is Needed?

need a website A website is needed business is works the same way as brochures and pamphlets work in a brick and mortar environment. Millions of dollars are spent on these publicity materials. However, the same can be avoided if one chooses to have a website. Prospective customers can find information about products and service online 24/7. If you are able to network your product efficiently through your channels and friends, they would be keen on looking up your sit.

You can Attract More Customers

Around 2.4 billion customers use the internet daily. 90% of those who have used internet have purchased some product or services or established contact with companies. This must have happened at least once in the past 12 months. Hence, not having a website means that you will miss out of this.

Better Business Value

When it comes to getting a loan for business, it is not going to be easy. Having a website could help because your potential lender would like to know what exactly you are doing and a good website can help. Apart from banks, having a website will help a lot in increasing your reputation and perceived value in front of all stakeholders.

Better Influence

You could influence people’s decision making better If you have a website. It could be viewed by thousands of people.

You Can Show Of

If you have done some great work, you certainly would not mind showing off. Having a website will certainly help in this objective and you could reach thousands of people.

Helps Achieve Business Goals

As you update and upgrade your website, you also will have a relook at your contents. You will certainly like to improve them so that they are better attuned to your overall business goals and objectives.

Low Entry Barriers

If funds are a constraint for starting your business, having a website can help. You can get started with your business not having to spend a dollar on websites. They are many who provide free website service.

24 Hours A Day

You have a 24 hour advertisement running on an autopilot mode. No supervision is needed. You are at customer’s service round the clock.

Communicate With Customers

Having a blog or even with a feed on your website you can be in touch with customers. You can educate them on promotions, offers, products and new launches.

Improved Marketing

The internet has given a new dimension to marketing which was not there earlier. With a website you can opt for many low-cost but effecting marketing techniques and methods.

Best Customer Support

The cost of customer support can be greatly reduced by having a ticketing system. Even a FAQ website can help. There are at least five companies which come to the mind who can help improve customer services through website.

Having Dedicated Email

You can have a website which is the same as your website and this certainly help. It is easier to remember and professional. You will have an email ID which will resonate with your customers.

Press Release

You also can run cheap and cost effective online press releases if you have your own website. There are many businessmen who have received 1 million views because of press releases.

You Can Become Independent

Those who are keen on moving from an employee to an independent entrepreneur would do will to have a website of their own.

You Can Choose Any Topic

If you love sports, photography, dance, holidays, science, animals or anything it hardly matter. The internet does not restrict any ideas and if you have them you can share them using your own website. It can help you come out with blogs and attract the best of traffic.

Connect With Likeminded People

Having a website might enable you to be called a web master. Having a website helps build your network and improve personal connections with other website owners. This can lead to diversification of income sources.

It Gives You A Voice

It certainly gives you a voice and this is evident from the fact that people in general respect you because you have a voice of your own which others might lack. This is of course true when you have website of your own.

You Can Do Business Your Own Way

You are your own boss and you don’t need anybody’s permission. People like Ash Ambridge are testimony to it and non can stop her. She has a world class business with thousands of customers.

You Can Beat The Big Guys

If you are short on ideas when it comes to taking on the big muscular guys in business, your website can help. A good website with a good strategy can smash these big guys to smithereens. Though you may not have skyscrapers you can still break the walls separating you and them.

Instant Credibility

If you have struggled making that first sale or convincing someone having a website of your own can help. It will help bring in credibility and it will do the talking for you. It can help provide the ultimate proof that you mean business and that you are credible.

You Can Find A New Job

It is quite likely that you did not see this coming. There are many experts who have been shouting from the roof tops saying that websites can help business.
However, it also has been proved that it can help you personally as a human being. It can be used to host your own CV or resume. Having a website of your own would mean that you have demonstrated your soft skills quite admirably. This will certainly help your employment cause quite a bit.

Hence when all the above are taken account, there are hardly any reasons as to why one should not have a website.

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