Here’s Why You Need More Than One Domain

Here's Why You Need More Than One Domain
Purchasing of more than one domain for your website may seem costly and unnecessary however the advantages that come with having multiple domains are immense. A domain gives you an identity on the internet. They act as a representative of your business around the world.

There are more than a billion websites on the internet and hence there is very stiff competition. Having multiple or rather just more than one domain name helps to make your website more visible. The following are some of the advantages of having more than one domain;

1.It builds your online visibility and presence

It builds your online visibility and presence
Having additional domains help your customers better understand the goods and services that you provide. It also helps your customers to be able to remember and recognize your business much easier than when you had a single domain.

We can use a simple example to better describe this point. Let us say you created a website for selling shoes and your domain name is, the name does show that you sell shoes but does not describe the type of shoes you sell or for which gender the shoes are for. Now, there is a way you can use domain name extensions that clearly show that.

For example you can decide to add a new domain and name it This helps show your customers that the shoes you sell are for exercising. You can add another one and name it JohnSmithshoes.sports. This shows that you are selling sporting shoes.

Brand protection

Brand protection
Having a business means that there will always be someone trying to ruin your brand’s reputation or trying to reap the benefits from all your hard work in establishing your brand. Your image as a business is very important. It helps to build trust and also provide credibility for doubtful customers.

The internet can be a whole new world of its own with millions of people, some good and some bad. So how does having multiple domains help protect your brand? To explain this in a simple way we can say that there are people who act like parasites on the internet.

Once you have established your brand and it is becoming popular day by day, other people will seek to benefit from this popularity by creating their own domain with a similar name to yours. This means that when someone searches for your domain name, they may end up finding theirs and hence they get to steal your customers from you.

Multiple domains will help you limit this and stop those people from diverting your traffic to their site. Another situation may arise where you had to change your company’s name and hence made a new domain name.

It would be advisable to also keep the old domain name so that your customers will always be directed to you and hence you avoid competitors from taking advantage of the old name.

3. It helps to grow your brand

It helps to grow your brand
There are a number of businesses around the world and each of them probably has domains to promote their services. They do not just use one domain they have multiple domains to help grow their brand worldwide so why should you use just one.

They take advantage of domain name extensions such that a customer cannot fail to recognize them when searching for them on the internet. Using just the name of your company as the domain name will not help you grow your business as much as your competitors.

For example if you are a company selling cakes do not just use you can add something to help grow your brand. You can create another domain name for example,, or or you can simply remove your company name and have www.cakes.newyork.

People looking to buy a cake online may not know your company name so they might just type and your company will be among those which will show up. This increases your chances of getting a customer and will help grow your brand tremendously than someone with just one domain name.

It can help target a specific location

It can help target a specific location
Your business may not be available in certain locations or you may want to target a specific area and hence creating the need of more than one domain. Let us say your business is only available in the United States and United Kingdom. You can use domain name extensions to specify this. For example you can use domain names like yourcompanyname.

US or youcompanyname.UK. This will help customers know exactly the region you work within and hence enables them to know whether they are able to request for the services or not. A painting company targeting only residents of Newyork may be have a domain name like JPpaints.newyork. This will portray them as a Newyork painting company and hence will get customers from Newyork.

Errors in typing

Errors in typing
This probably happens to everyone, you want to type but accidentally type You usually ask yourself why you always end up on the site you were searching for despite the error. The answer is multiple domain names.

People make errors while typing and the funny thing is most of us find it frustrating to have to delete the text and type a fresh one or even simply adding the missing letter. Businesses usually have other domain names which are the name of their companies typed incorrectly such that when a customer misspells their company name they can always find them.

This can help acquire many potential customers who would have given up the search at the first typing error. You can analyze the common misspellings that might occur when someone is searching for your company and create a domain name with them.

You can create an informational and inquiry area

informational and inquiry area
Customers are always curious about the goods and services companies provide. They will want to know about the quality of service, the time period they may have to wait, the quantity they will be supplied with, the people managing the company, when it was established, the rewards the company has won and also if there are any testimonials from other customers.

All these questions can be well answered through another domain which provides full details about your company. Having this domain will help customers or investors learn more about your business or company and therefore you will gain their trust and loyalty.

Promotional area

Promotional area
You can have another domain where your customers get to see the promotions you offer. For example you may be giving discounts on certain goods and services hence having another domain for this purpose may prove to be beneficial for you. It will enable you to make more sales and grow your business.

From the reasons provided you can see just how important it is to have more than one domain. You are able to gain recognition among new potential customers. You also get to be ranked higher in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Through having multiple domains you are able to utilize the power of search engine optimization (SEO) to your favor. This will get you more customers and hence more revenue.

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